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Polaris Inc. is an American manufacturer of motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATV, and neighborhood electric vehicles. Polaris was founded in Roseau, Minnesota, USA, where it still has engineering and manufacturing. The company's corporate headquarters is in Medina, Minnesota. The company manufactured motorcycles through its Victory Motorcycles subsidiary until January 2017, and currently produces motorcycles through the Indian Motorcycle subsidiary, which it purchased in April 2011. Polaris produced personal watercraft from 1994–2004. The company was originally named Polaris Industries Inc. and was renamed in 2019 to Polaris Inc.

A former employee said this in a review “I have not been impressed with my time at Polaris. I'm still trying to figure out how the one thing they do good (tuition reimbursement) still never works out right. With only a semester to graduate, they have yet to give me a job off the line. I have applied for 11 internal jobs and had 3 interviews. Loads of experience and education but No offers!! No family time, we work 6 days a weeks."


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Former Employee - Marketing says

"Poorly managed from the top down, promotions based on butt kissing not merit, good ol boys club with ethics violations happening left and right."

Current Employee - Senior Systems Engineer says

"Very poorly managed company. Lack of consistent direction from management (go as fast as you can down one path, then someone changes their mind, so now go as fast as you can in a completely different direction). Engineering is always getting pushed to go faster and use less resources - see the line above for why resources get wasted. Engineering gets blamed for everything - I've never been at a company where this is so bad. Engineering teams are overworked and over-stressed. Management knows employees are passionate about the products and they take advantage of this to push them way too hard. Need more people, fewer programs, or more time - there's no way around this - but Polaris decided to lay off a bunch of engineering employees this winter anyway (this was well before COVID 19 hit the United States). People say that the profit sharing bonus is a positive. But profit-sharing bonus is a big part of the pay, which makes overall salary unpredictable and it's kind of stressful. Pay is low for the workload and stress even with a good bonus, and would be abysmal without the bonus. Vacation is only 2 weeks for the first 3 years, and zero paternal leave. Now that COVID-19 is here and putting strain on companies like Polaris, I simply do not have faith that they will put the interest of their employees first when things get tough."

Former Employee - Production Supervisor says

"No chain of command, team members freely go to any level of management at anytime to voice complaints and with no questions asked the supervisor is left defending themselves to HR and management. On the rare occasion you get feedback it's a cursing fest of insults on your competence for 30 minutes to an hour. Inconsistency between shifts and no willingness to repair it. HR pretty much decides where Team Members will work on the assembly lines. Human Resources department at Huntsville site is beyond any description I am able to publish here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Crazy expectations, last minute changes, anything for the bottom line. Profits over quality. Terrible middle management throwing people under the bus left and right."

Former Employee - Supervisor says

"Complete lies to get talent in the door. They do not promote from within - no matter what they insinuate in the initial interview. Can't schedule production on a stable platform. This place will be in shambles until a few of higher level managers are "re-assigned". Safety and Quality are not always the most important metrics."

Former Employee - Robotics Programmer says

"Where do I start, there are to many Cons for me to have a good list to be honest"


"Good Old Boys Club. Concerned more about money than safety. More coverups than a blanket store."

Current Employee - Marketing says

"Executive leadership plays favorites, turns a blind eye to unethical behavior of a select few. Egomaniacs aplenty- lying and deceiving colleagues, maligning C-level execs, while jockeying for next promotion. Subjecting employees to immoral behavior of others, supplying an abundance of alcohol, encouraging inappropriate behavior, including sexual innuendos, jokes, misconduct and even affairs. Zero work/life balance in ORV. Family is not a priority at Polaris. Early/late meetings, too many after hours commitments (opportunities?). The bottom line is everything. They don’t care about employees, just do your job and don’t think you have a life outside of this place. Very backward, old school mentality, ruled by a bunch of marginal men."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible work life balance. Rebate vs. market & generate demand mentality. Compensation for overall workload is below average. Upper level management mentality. Lack of customer experience & product knowledge. Too many managers and directors, not enough worker bee specialists. Career advancement is based on politics/likability. Technology deficit - Behind the times, company is not adjusting to technological advancements. Cost cutting initiatives - layoffs year over year reducing head count to run as lean as possible in the midst of recall after recall."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Male-centric environment. Employee development for only the "chosen" ones. Bully atmosphere. GET OUT NOW!"

Material Handler (Current Employee) says

"No organization, terrible time management and no days off, worked the entire months of July August and the first half of September. It’s the 18th of September though and the foreseeable future is all work no playHoursEverything else"

Painter (Former Employee) says

"Horrible Management All the employees either do weed or Meth on Polaris Industry groundsIf you don’t sleep with the Management you can’t get ahead Employees don’t follow OSHA guidelines MoneyEverything"

Assembly (Current Employee) says

"I have not been impressed with my time at Polaris. I'm still trying to figure out how the one thing they do good (tuition reimbursement) still never works out right. With only a semester to graduate, they have yet to give me a job off the line. I have applied for 11 internal jobs and had 3 interviews. Loads of experience and education but No offers!! No family time, we work 6 days a weeks.Tuition reimbursement - 5% 401 match-No outside life -no family time -underpaid -not a person just another number work 6/7 days a week, especially if you get sent home during the week a few times for no parts.. expensive cafe food"

Assembly Technician (Current Employee) says

"If you are single and have no friends or family you can do this and make some money. If you have a family or people you love, you will be so beat after a shift you won't see them and half the time you'll be picking up mandatory weekends to make up numbers because some part was out or the numbers changed or management says you are not doing enough. It is a place where you will rot and fester until you get out. They care only about the numbers, that is all you will ever be, and a number is easy to replace if you complain."

Manager at national level (Former Employee) says

"An organization which has so called code of conduct in place but they just don't follow it & make fun & fool of hardworking as well as honest people. Worst culture ."

iSeries Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Manager was terrible. You were expected to work 60 hours a week and no thanks was given. Manager felt threatened by my expertise. I was laid off after I trained in 2 additional people."

Sub Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Horse bleep place to work, push you hard and you can't make a mistake. Force you to work Saturdays then send you home because no parts. My lead was a great guy production manager was a jack wagon who didn't know what he was doing, When he filled in he would make mistakes but if we did we were written up and to many you were fired 3 months and I said screw it after I was written up, and you don't get hired by Polaris you are a temp you might get kept on if your lucky. Don't waist your time go somewhere elseNothingEverything, but I did work with a few nice people"

Bend Technician (Former Employee) says

"Do not work here. You are just a number. They sacrifice safety for quantity. Good example an employee air lifted to a hospital because a crate fell on his head that was poorly put away by a over worked, stressed fork lift driver. They have employees pass out from heat exhaustion in the summer do to over working them."

Line One Sub Assembly. (Current Employee) says

"Granted Polaris is a "start up" company but it is absolutely ridiculous that the mangers, supervisors, and HR are so caught up in sticking up for each other than for the actual employees that bust their cans 10 to 12 hours a day. You never know what time you will be getting off work from day to day because no matter how hard you work, you are ALWAYS behind schedule. They do NOT care about the employees what so ever. HR is the biggest issue with the plant. They have NO idea what to do or how to help with any problem. If you are not in the so called click out there you might as well not even be there. They let bad parts go out... Problems that are easily fixable are not because that may stop production for 5 minutes. You get two 12 minute breaks and one 30 minute lunch no matter how many hours are forced upon you that day. The vacation you work to build up is almost never granted because production is so far behind that one person cannot use their own vacation.... Most of the employees are straight out of high school without families. The members with families you might as well guarantee you will not be seeing them but on Sundays. It's a horrible and I mean horrible place to work period!!!! I have worked there from the day it opened until now and nothing has changed. Lies, lies, and more lies is all it is. They pay stinks, the benefits are pathetic, and the abuse and conduct out there is beyond ridiculous but if anything is said...you get punished for it for being the victim. I would rather flip burgers they to work for that miserable place. And every employee you talk to wouldThe friends you make while being so miserable.The WHOLE plant is terrible From the upper man to the supervisors to the HR, NO ONE is for the actual employees."

Slave (Former Employee) says

"Will be docked you if your beyond your work space. Depending on supervisors and leads ,...if you have personal issues then they suck . Dont have personal issues,. Be a robot they like that! Be a zombie, they like that too! , be conformative , be a team!.6-8 hoursWill cut your head off for 1 minute"

Welder (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely by far the worst company I’ve ever worked for! Management is clueless and doesn’t know how to run a company. If you work hard they treat you like trash. If your lazy and spend more time sucking up to upper management then this is the job for you. I came in early a few days before my shift started to help get the line up and running that much faster and the company manager actually got on to me and told me to not come in anymore before the shift starts. You build paid time off and sick leave but you might as well forget being able to use it. It’s often neglected and never approved or denied. The only way to get a day off is to call out and not show up. Don’t ignore the bad reviews like I did. Stray far away from this company and save yourself the headache! I’m almost positive anywhere else that is hiring would be a better option. There’s not enough money in the world to put up with how they treat you there.NoneEverything"

Worker (Current Employee) says

"Management is clueless as they ( Polaris) is bringing their people which are just kids from Minnesota. Depressing place to work!! Run you been warned!Donuts on SaturdayManagement has NO clue how to operate a company"

Lead Torque Specialist Line 1 (Former Employee) says

"Polaris is a horrible company to work for. They do not pay their employees a competitive wage. This year at the huntsville facility those eligible to receive their pay for promotion and yearly cost of living adjustment only received the pay for promotion. The same thing was done last year. That means someone just starting out made $.10 less than someone who had been there over a year. The management team does not care about the people or quality. They will work you past your 8 hours until they get their numbers. Most of the time you won't even know what time you will be off until after your scheduled time. And if the your line is behind, usually because of lack of parts, you will be there late (5-5:30 pm). If you like a work environment where nepotism and chronyism runs rampant, then Polaris Huntsville is for you.They really like to give away free shirtsPoor management. Too much overtime due to no parts."

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"people there are a**holes if you are not their friend your an enemy and you cant be friends with everyone cause they all have their own little groups...... this place is worse than high school"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Rude, aggressive management. Don't take responsibility for their issues. Blame you. Micro-managers, completely disorganized. No support, no development."

Assembly (Current Employee) says

"Don't even waste your time applying for this place. Management has no idea as to what they're doing. No motivation what so ever, and very low moral. Communication between management and operators is absolutely terrible, and the pay terrible. The only thing management cares about is the bonuses they get from production. I wouldn't wish this job on my worst enemy.Clocking out.Having to be there in general."

Group Leader (Current Employee) says

"I was mistreated there as well as being suspended for not clocking out as well as there is no advancement due to they hire outside the plant every time. There was also a situation to where someone threatened to shoot the plant up and he only got a verbal warning to where I’m suspended and fired for one mistake I was there for 5 years and got exceeds expectations on my review every year SMHThere is a bonus yearlyWorst HR and company I ever worked for"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Polaris has the worst Human Resource I’ve ever seen they blame the people who aren’t in the wrong , fire people for a reason that was out of their control."

Injection Mold Operator (Former Employee) says

"The management was horrible. They didn’t take anyone’s opinion into consideration other than for them to meet their numbers. I worked a 12 hour shift and only received one 30 min lunch break and 2 15 min breaks. There is no respect given and you are treated like trash if you aren’t liked. The team leads in injection mold are the laziest people I have ever come across in my life. They disappear for 30 mins at a time and are nowhere to be found and would rather go and tell on you if you annoy them to get you in trouble rather than talk to you. I felt like I was in high school working at Polaris and wild NEVER recommend working here to anyone"

Assembler (Current Employee) says

"Line 2 went down hill. The lady supervisor had everything organized and together. The supervisor who replaced her also ran a tight shift, they moved him to zone 1. The supervisor who took his place is disrespectful rude and condescending. He talks at you not to you and he thinks he’s smarter than everyone. Before he came I loved my job and never missed a day. HR isn’t about their business either because they back everything he does. It’s a sad place now and they wonder why everyone is quitting! Nobody is going to put up with that mess. They write you up for breathing to hard, he has turned the job into a stressful environment. Before it was a fun enjoyable place to work.I got my paycheck on timeNever know what to expect day to day. Constantly running out of parts, management wants to blame workers for everything, supervisor and group leads disappear for hours at a time, if you need help nobody is there to assist you but let something go wrong here they come real quick, HR sucks"

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